the training

why train with us

Our structure is simple. We have an idea, we explain the concept, describe the work required, provide results, and finish with any notes or changes that we would make. You fill in with the rest.

Engage your mind

We contribute our own way and style, but each training session is centred around engaging the mind and bettering the spirit through hard effort.


Training sessions are categorised by the primary system that they affect and the structure they follow.

have fun

Our sessions are based on what looks fun, challenging with an intention to be creative and inspire and challenge the individual to question their self-limiting beliefs.


We focus on an instructional program geared towards teaching the correct techniques. We provide instruction in every session for creative movements or explanations when it is required for greater theory.

develop skills

We want you to take the time to develop skills and familiarity with training techniques with a qualified coach.


We work on the basis that working only with small groups of like-minded individuals towards common goals can inspire greater adherence, accountability and commitment while feeling you are contributing to and part of something bigger than the individual, a tribe mentality.

We think differently about training

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We think differently about training. We pursue something that can’t be understood in words, systems or spreadsheets but only felt through action.

Our training principles foster a deep sense of self-knowledge through the adaptation of Kaizen (continuous improvement) the continuous journey.

The first considerations for any training session:

This statement is echoed frequently:

“I train hard every day.” It begs the question: is it possible to train hard every day? The short answer is: NO. Training can FEEL hard every day, but it is not the same thing as training to a hard enough level to evoke change.

Training —without the means to recover and get better—is not training, it is exercise or working out.

The majority of our training sessions are “Hard Training” sessions but you certainly don’t have to use them that way, that’s not their intent.

The average client of ours does 3x “hard” sessions/week, in some (rare) cases 4. The other days of the week are spent moving, most often with easy endurance work, or skill work towards a chosen sport or activity. In our experience, this is the tolerance threshold for intense training. Workouts are easy to come by. If it was just about having a list of exercises to do at the gym so that you don’t have to think, no one including professional athletes would require a coach, we wouldn’t be here.


There is a quality that we look for in a training session, it needs to provoke, trick, and cajole you into giving more than you intended. It needs to spark something deep inside that gets you to question your own ability. A session—if written correctly—allows us to aspire.

We all have our own style of accomplishing this, what allows us to get better though is feedback. We LISTEN to how your session was, how it affected you, what you hated about it, what tricked you, what you didn’t see coming, if you preferred the style and why. Your involvement is our evolvement. As overused as the word is, that’s community.