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STARTING out as a qualified personal trainer, PN nutrition coach and neuromuscular therapist Keith has become a very successful strength & conditioning coach working with a diverse client base of music & film celebrities to top league of Ireland soccer players and teams, triathletes, rugby players, fighters, powerlifting athletes and members of our Garda and defences forces.

Keith was fuelled by his ambition to open his own fitness studio. The result of that ambition is STORM FITNESS a centre of excellence for the sports specialist and the hybrid athlete and beginner alike – Sligo’s number one small group training studio where Keith has grown a loyal and successful client base through his customer focused approach to high quality fitness training services. Keith is an advocate of continuous education and regularly attends workshops, seminars and certifications in order to improve his knowledge of Sports Psychology, Nutrition, Health & Physical Therapy. Keith brings the most up to date personal training methods available to STORM thus ensuring his clients are happy, motivated and properly guided in achieving their goals.

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Keith - Founder of STORM FITNESS.

“In our opinion and experience most of the mainstream fitness industry just don’t care enough about you, they speak in pleasantries and tell you what you want to hear. They bank on the fact that you won’t show up, that you won’t ask questions, have expectations, or think for yourself.”

Storm Body Fitness is something different, something more.

We have an unwavering belief that anyone willing to put in a hard work ethic, discipline and consistency can change thoughts, actions, habits and ultimately, ourselves through positive reinforcement. We believe through training we can raise thresholds in the body and mind and create a chain reaction effect of good habits which will empower people to seek more challenging opportunities in all aspects of their lives.

We continually aspire to be better at what we do and crave knowledge. We fundamentally recognise the importance of treating each person through our doors as an individual. We train ourselves as we train those around us, we develop relationships, and shape our environment to encourage and strengthen the individual as well as the group. We chase quality instead of quantity. We value people more than products. We respect passion, not paychecks and above all “We” will always be more powerful and effective than “I.”

Simply put WE CARE…because it’s all about your journey… the limitless journey

I believe no-one has ever been born average, mediocrity is a learned state of mind, we are conditioned by our environment to accept it over time. Everyone has the ability to be their own mentor, their own hero. We encourage our clients not to look outwards for inspiration rather look inwards. We all as individuals have something to offer, we all have the capacity for greatness.

We do this because of our passion for it, because it has, and continues to affect our lives in very positive ways.

You can’t control what happens to you – only how you respond. We can only choose to be part of the solution.

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We believe we are all products of our environment. This is a universal truth that we have learned again and again. Any space has the power to influence, and that influence has the power to change those who allow it, but we are not concerned with the actual location, we are more intrigued by the action that happens inside of a space – the thinking, the doing, the practice.

Unlike conventional GYM spaces, we do not see a space and feel the need to fill it with items that do not contribute to our end goal, the required result – Therefore we do not need mirrors or a surplus of unnecessary machines. In a world of “more is better,” we believe “better is better” and there is a freedom, purity, and clarity in the simplicity of our space.

When an environment can foster real change, we consider it a powerful place – a magnet for aptitude, and a place to inspire real challenge. It is a place where transformation and growth can be witnessed. It is a glimpse, a view from afar, but that is all it is.

Our space

With our capacity always capped at just 30%, far below any mandate, it makes social distancing during your training a breeze. You will never have to fight for equipment and the experience is in a league of its own.

Our physical location is based in Unit B2A Ceveragh Industrial Estate, Sligo. We conduct private, semi-private, and group training by booking application only. To inquire about visiting, consultation, special projects, or information about our various Strom programs please use the links below.

This place is described by its members as “their little secret”. It is not that well known in Sligo and our numbers are maintained small for a reason. For those who find us it gives them an alternative to what is on offer from the mainstream, something different and they are welcomed until one day they leave because this is not a destination, it is simply a means, a temporary rallying point.

There is nothing special about the equipment we use or the exercises that are performed – there is no secret – but what does occur here is different. It is the result of a controlled environment. It is an answer to the question “Who cares most?” It is the extension of our words and beliefs punctuated by black rubber mats and gazes into infinity. It is only possible through deep thought, self-reflection, and adaptation, and doing.

This space appears to be built from blocks and cement, but the foundation is not physical, it is forged by relationships, friendships and tempered by trust and risk. This space allows us the confidence to push and fail, and consequently, the assurance to continue and progress.


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