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"For me, life is all about progress, not perfection it’s an unwavering belief that your health can be an adventure, something you can explore and your fitness can be your ultimate freedom."

Keith Richardson
Head Coach & Founder


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This is what CAN happen when every aspect of your fitness, health, mindset and nutrition are based around you the individual. It is a complete training approach that simplifies all the points of friction that causefrustration, confusion, anger, complexity, and ultimately – failure.

Forget generic programs that could be ripped out of a magazine. Don’t waste another minute doing workouts designed for someone else. Based on the results of your consultation, assessment, and your goals, we provide you with the best coaching and training program to get you results so you never feel lost in the gym again. We cover everything from sets, reps, rest, while guiding you in every training session everyday on movements, habits and mindset and the path that is right for you, so you know exactly what to do.


Our app gives you easy access to your coaches, nutrition help, training at the gym and home and accountability so you’ll never feel lost or confused. You’ll have exclusive access to lessons built into the app, with times, progress and nutrition trackers, and everything you’ll ever need to see succeed… plus more surprises you’ll get once you’re in the Storm tribe.
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Nutrition isn’t complicated although many would want you to continue thinking this way, so that you’ll continue to feel overwhelmed, disappointed and like a failure, why? because you’ll always keep spending your hard earned money on the next thing that promises a result but under delivers.

We advocate eating for your overall good health and as a byproduct of this approach you’ll look and feel better. The first thing you have to realize is that you’re unique which is why fad diets and meal plans don’t work. (One shoe does not fit all) To completely shift the way you look and feel for the rest of your life you need a sustainable diet that allows you to still have a social life and still get amazing results – which is exactly what we do.

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Proven Results

We think differently about training. We pursue something that can’t be understood in words, systems or spreadsheets but only felt through action.

13 lbs in six weeks
Trying to lose a bit of weight before a planned holiday in March I went on what I thought was a healthy diet after Xmas, after 5 weeks I hadn’t shed a pound! Keith got me to do a food diary over 5 days and told me that I wasn’t eating enough calories so my body was in starvation mode and I would never lose weight that way. He did out a healthy eating plan for me which I followed for the next six weeks and by the end of that period I had lost 13 lbs!! I was delighted and cant recommend him highly enough.

Marian McAllister OHara

Remote Distance Nutrition



Most people fail because they TRY to face their fitness journey alone.No journey should be done alone. It’s very important to realize that many people have the same struggles that you do, and we bring everyone together on the road to success.

We have always kept our numbers very low so that we can provide the focus needed for the individual and encourage that focus you can only achieve in a small group environment. The Storm members discussion board is a place where you can connect with the other members, the friendships, connections, and relationships you’ll build through this
will change your life forever.


We fundamentally recognise the importance of treating each person through our doors as an individual. We train ourselves as we train those around us, we develop relationships, and shape our environment to encourage and strengthen the individual as well as the group. We chase quality instead of quantity. We fundamentally value people over products and our focus is always on getting those people results first.
Simply put WE CARE…because it’s all about YOUR journey that limitless journey

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