Living is an action, it’s not a state.

A state is merely an existence.

Therefore the term “living” is subjective.

To some it consists of just the accumulation of biological functions like breathing, eating, sleeping or a heart beating. To others, the term “living” requires a bit more meaning. Living, if you’re going to experience life, joy, pain and what it is to be a human and truly live a life, must mean more to you than the biological processes of being alive.

Modern Life rarely requires us to recognise our true potential. In my line of work I hear it so often, a client will say “I didn’t realise I could be that strong” or “I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do that or I’m shocked but happy I got through a training session like that”.

Our modern way of life inhibits our ability to recognise how powerful an animal we really are…

think about that last statement for a second, let it sink in.

Our modern surroundings are designed to continually remind us of our weaknesses and they play on or promote our laziness as a species. So a lot of us live in a form of self induced continuous semi hibernation, therefore we are oblivious of what we are truly capable of. Living means experiencing, both joy and pain.

Living also means realising your untapped inherent potential.

How many of us rarely move? only to go from the bed, to a car, to a desk, to a car, to home, to a coach and a TV remote, to bed and along the way eat ready made processed quick foods and smoke to release the stress of a common lifestyle?

Then one day one has to run or take a flight of stairs and then we get the “wow what just happened ? I feel terrible, I didn’t think I was that bad”. Then the realisation that your usual response of “well I played a bit of indoor soccer or I used to do a bit of running” isn’t all that convincing anymore and it’s been a bit longer a gap than you thought it was stretching back a few years rather than a few months.

Well that’s because our day to day life has been designed for this type of situation not to happen.

“you’re much easier kept when your docile” again let it sink in…..

It’s so rare an occasion that you’ll find yourself in this situation of exerting yourself that when it does happen your shocked as to how unequipped your body is to deal with it.

Now I could go on about how training will make you feel better by the release of endorphin’s and all the other stuff you’ve possible read before but I’m not going to because this is about “LIVING”.

Living needs to be an adventure, that adventure doesn’t necessarily have to be external it can be internal, go test your boundaries both mentally and physically. If you had a sports car or a motorbike, are you telling me you’d never once want to push it to it’s max just once in a while to see how it feels ? well your body is the best sports car or motorbike you’ve ever had, go slap on some tunes, play them loud, and put the foot down.

Go challenge yourself….like when you were a kid jumping from a shed roof or that high wall or that cliff face into the sea, reconnect with that feeling of the unknown outcome but you jump anyway ha ha!

Live your life as if you’re trying to empty your petrol tank before the end of every day…live it to your true potential, live it like a force of nature. it’s there for the taking…

Keith Richardson

Keith Richardson

Founder, Storm Body Fitness

Cheers for reading. what is your opinion? Are you living life to your fullest potential?

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– Keith, Body Storm Fitness 

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