Tier 1

Tier 1

12 week transformation

We stand for something stronger

What’s the problem? I think I know. You see it in the mirror every morning. You know it’s not supposed to be like this. You’re haunted because you remember having something more, something better.The same way as with each drag of that cigarette or bite of that chocolate bar you ask yourself, why you go all out, to piss yourself off  doing the same things, week in-week out, those things that you know just push you further down that rabbit hole.

For those of you who go to the gym, when it comes to hard work perspective is everything. Do you work as hard as you think you do? When you get to the gym are you really giving it everything or are you simply just showing up…simply going through the motions. Ask yourself how low do you set your bar?

But then…

What you know doesn’t matter – what you do matters.

When it comes to physical fitness most people blame external forces when they don’t achieve goals. They make excuses for their low output and poor attendance and it can be anything from lack of time, to lack of equipment, lack of knowledge, a shit program or their poor genetics and poor results from their supplements. These are just the most common excuses. People all around the world have gym memberships over a year or more and apart from a small physical change and a big difference in their bank balance, nothing really changes… WHY ? because it allows them the opportunity to give the response

“well I’m going to the GYM, so I just don’t understand why its not working”

YES YOU DO… don’t lie to yourself

People rarely take a step back and look within themselves to blame the real culprit: Themselves.  No one wants their confidence knocked because we perpetuate the notion that we become our own worst critics and lets face it, the truth is regardless of how harsh it is

any deficiency in physical fitness affects confidence.

Storm Bodyfitness is looking for male and female individuals who are willing to work hard, willing to make some sacrifices, who are willing to push themselves to be successful. If you want something bad enough you will find a way to make it happen.

It is that simple. Take note I said simple not easy.

The most successful people in the world share one thing in common. They are willing to make sacrifices where others are not. They are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. There are no excuses. They embrace a different type of work ethic, They welcome the notion of no established limits. They dismiss the idea of set boundaries; they are willing to give it their everything.

Now ask yourself…..the question

“Do I really want to change? ”

Are you saying ?

  • I want to look more athletic/aesthetic…more defined 
  • I want that type of confidence
  • I want more strength
  • I want to develop that “I can do anything” attitude

Strength + Confidence + Athleticism = A Strategy

The Strategy is simple,

I love setting new challenges, I push Storm Body Fitness harder and harder, time after time to deliver above and beyond our promises and this time will prove no different. My final words to the participants of the 300 challenge were “together, look at what we achieved is 6 weeks, imagine what we could do in 12”. I’m going to keep this very short, we are looking for 6 male, 6 female participants to take part in our exclusive fast track 12 week transformation program.

What to expect …..Expect serious physical changes in your health, your appearance and your confidence.

  • Closed private group training sessions,
  • Mobility – Recovery – Injury prevention
  • Individual nutrition guidance and planning
  • Cookbook and meal planner
  • Supplement advice
  • Stress management
  • Private group information sharing
  • Private Facebook Group

There is a lot of excitement about this project from our existing members and past challenge participants so if you are really interested and want to take part contact Storm Body Fitness as soon as possible.

Be stronger than your best excuse…

motivated individuals, 12 weeks, magnificent results….

Keith Richardson

Keith Richardson

Founder, Storm Body Fitness

– Keith, Body Storm Fitness 

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