Storm Body Fitness Sligo

What’s involved?

Our Semi Private Personal Training Sligo Programme allows you to achieve the best results possible working in a small group of up to 4 people.

Surrounding yourself with positive people, in a positive atmosphere and environment will ultimately result in creating a ‘Clán’.

Every member matters to us, and everyone will receive supervision and guidance because a ‘Clán’ is united under a common interest to the group’s benefit, an ultimate goal, a Stronger, Healthier and Better life.

Who is it for?

Storm body Fitness semi private training gives our clients the opportunity to receive all the benefits of an individualised personal training programme whilst availing of the motivation and support of 3 other people.

Designed for all ages and fitness levels, you can work out with your friends, family, or join one of our already existing semi private training groups.

No longer do you have to go along to a local group or class in a school hall or community center that’s poorly equipped, and have a trainer who gets right up into your grill and likes to shout at you because they think it’s motivational, but instead of motivating its intimidating. Being told “no pain no gain” is not always correct, or you must sweat buckets because “sweat is fat crying!”

Storm Body Fitness Sligo
Storm Body Fitness Sligo

What’s included?

  • A fully designed and monitored programme

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Soft tissue mobilisation

  • Dynamic warm up

  • Postural rehabilitation and mobility work

  • Strength training and technique

  • High intensity conditioning

  • Monitored loading and repetitions

Success Stories

I would highly recommend Keith and Storm Body Fitness to anyone who is looking to achieve fat loss, increase fitness and strength and learn a lot about their body and nutrition along the way.

Chiara, Sligo Semi Private Personal Training SEE MORE SUCCESS STORIES

I have managed to shed 10kg and I am feeling a lot better about myself. I have also been able to identify areas that I want to improve and look forward to working with Keith in attaining these new goals.

Richard Smith, Dublin Online Training SEE MORE SUCCESS STORIES