Low Calorie and Low Carbohydrate Diets

Low Calorie and Low Carbohydrate Diets

I’m not going to spend to much time writing on Low Calorie diets because I think the information provided over the past few years is ample proof that we have many different and more effective options to reduce body fat than just reducing ones calorie intake drastically.

That being said, I’d like to focus more on what some people have yet to grasp and that is that, not all calories are created equal. Our bodies and our different metabolisms process calories from carbohydrates very differently than they do from, lets say fats and proteins. I’ll keep this really quick and if it comes across as a bit simplistic it’s because I feel its been explained across all social media platforms really well many times already, all you need to do is just tap into Google or Utube search and see.

If it’s a 6 pack you’re looking to attain, well as they say “it’s mostly made in the kitchen” is a true analogy but merely dropping the calories you consume dramatically is not the path to a six pack. There are a few fundamental problems with this approach:

First and foremost it’s just not sustainable. If you’ve ever tried to chop your daily calorie intake in half you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s not fun,

Your cortisol levels begin to rise dramatically while your being mislead by your body by thinking your dropping weight because of the release of water retention rather than actual fat loss. The result for many males is, you’re testosterone levels fall because of the increase in cortisol, which in turn causes your body to store more fat and burn more muscle, creating a perfect recipe for a body that is skinny-fat. But then I’d expect most people who train regularly or who have had a personal trainer or joined a GYM at anytime in the past should already have been told this.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat fewer calories?

If you want to lose body fat you should be is some form of a caloric deficit, but that been said you should also be considering the kinds of calories your consuming and their QUALITY.

You can’t out train a bad diet…

In my youth, I was made believe it was a lot simpler. Preparing for a competitive fight, I’d be given a target body weight to achieve and a very restrictive diet and told basically “train harder” “train longer” “run more” if it wasn’t working I’d be told “you not trying hard enough, you don’t want it bad enough…it’s your fault not the plans… You’re just being lazy…ha ha Thank goodness times have changed and we are all a bit more educated, that being said on a side note if you have kids and they partake in any type of sport training always take time to vet their coaches, drop in on training sessions unannounced, ask questions. If they are professional they won’t mind your questions and will welcome your interest

You can’t out train a bad diet…and a bad diet can be made up of bad food choices but more importantly it can also be made up of good food choice but bad nutritional advice.

Well getting back on topic when I’m trying to lean down a bit these days my caloric intake doesn’t really drop that much, I simply just up my good fat intake and my protein intake and keep my carbohydrate intake to my post workout nutrition and evenings as best I can.

Yes, relatively speaking it’s that simple

By doing this it keeps my overall carb intake a bit lower and it also gives my body the best opportunity to shuttle those carbs to muscle cells rather than fat cells basically they just stop the muscle breakdown that occurs during and after a training session.

“Ahh right then, I’ll just drop all the carbs from my diet and all is good” Well no, a low to no carb diet is really not answer either and here is why,

It’s all about the word “moderation”

Yes carbs should be limited in our diet if you want to drop some bodyfat but they shouldn’t be taken out all together. If you’ve ever had to go on a ridiculously low carb diet you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, your strength will leave your body quickly, your bodies hormones will be all over the place, your concentration levels will be abysmal and your day to day life will be like a living hell. Increasing you good fat intake can help somewhat but it’s still no fulfilled picnic. My take on nutrition and diets at this stage after going to many different extremes over the years is,

Your diet shouldn’t ruin or rule your life, it should make it better.

You can eat a fair amount of the foods you enjoy while getting healthier and in better shape. Your body needs carbs especially if your training. That’s just a fact. You don’t need sugar there’s a big difference. You also don’t need the other highly glycemic carbs that fill most of our fridges and take out menus. I’d suggest treating these foods like alcohol have them from time to time like having a beer or a glass of wine just not in vast amounts every day at every meal because it just wouldn’t equate to eating a healthy diet.

So while no or low carbohydrate/high fat diets are a great way for one to get fast results, they’re not what’s best for you in the long term.

Let’s not forget carbohydrates have an anti-catabolic effect on the body. They help the body store, maintain, repair and restore the body’s muscular system. While we’re on the subject, I also think insulin gets a bad rap it isn’t all that bad. While prolonged spikes of insulin in the body that last all day, everyday are not great for your body and lead to, as we all know an expanding waistline, poor heart health and diabetes to name just a few. Insulin is also needed in the body and can actually do wonders for us, this is why I advocate we should consume a healthy portion of carbs after training because this spike in insulin levels helps drive amino acids into our muscles for protein synthesis and stops muscle breakdown that occurs during and after training.


So I’ll leave it to you to make up your own mind because after all  it’s your body but in my opinion a completely low to no carbohydrate diet is not an ideal long term strategy if you want to be strong, healthy while also being lean and muscular but I will say that it is very efficient at getting you results short term. Whatever you decide, remember be safe, there is more to life and your health than your body weight.

Keith Richardson

Keith Richardson

Founder, Storm Body Fitness


Thanks for reading and as always if you have any questions or if you’d like to post your own list or even if you disagree with the above by all means, I’d love to hear your comments or thoughts.

-Keith, Storm body Fitness

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