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Trust; It’s one of the most often overlooked components of successful training for both the beginner and the advanced. Having trust in your training plan, your fitness, and even yourself is so critical to your success and your programme.

You have to put some trust in your programme…

Too often, people just don’t trust their own training programme even when they have a well-written plan, or an experienced Personal Trainer, or a coaches written advice, they just don’t trust the plan.

They don’t always trust the hard work they’ve put in, even after countless sessions. Instead, a lack of self confidence and negative thinking take over and it shows in poor results.

Another analogy is a person who jumps from programme to programme, never having the staying power to fulfill the required allotted time to see tangible results, it just doesn’t work quickly enough for them so they jump ship to whatever they consider might be working for someone else, the irony being the program that the other person is using is working because that person stuck to it.

Lastly those who start a programme and then break it into the parts they like and those parts they never seem to have time to complete “the accessory work dodgers”.

To help you better understand this concept, and hopefully prevent you from making the same mistakes, outlined below are three very specific examples of how a lack of belief in your program, personal trainer, your training, and yourself will often lead to poor results, injuries, discontentment and self doubt and how you can prevent these situations from happening:


Storm Body Fitness Sligo



Do your homework…If you’re going to put in all the time, planning and work it takes to choose the right training plan or the perfect Personal Trainer or coach to work with…


You’ve got to learn to let go of your fears and insecurities and stop listening to the hundreds of different opinions you’ll get from friends or message boards once you’ve made your decision.

The basics are called basics because they work…. forget about the overly complicated and intricate generic internet programs that insist on the likes of “one handed handstand pushups”…

The more over complicated the program is the less chance you’ll adhere to it.

Most renowned coaches and personal trainers provide training programmes that are meticulously researched and tested and are backed with expert experience. Adding your own personal preferences to what you’ve been prescribed, or adding additional days or techniques to it, is a recipe for disaster.

Of course, if you’re using a generic plan you may, (rarely, I may add) need to modify some elements to align with your individual needs and weaknesses, but trust in the physiological principles created for you.



Learn from your mistakes and trust yourself to listen to the language of your body when it’s tired or injured.

Have the confidence to take rest days and deloads (the deload is there for a reason trust in those who know why and use it) when needed and let yourself recover when you’re in doubt. The same way most strength programs may begin week one and two feeling light, again stick with it, it’s written this way for a reason.

With the technology available these days, we have unlimited opportunities to track and record almost every facet of our training. Don’t be a slave to them or your training log and tick off workout after workout just because your schedule says you should or you need to update your status on Facebook or Instagram.

Be flexible, listen to your body, and train smarter, and above all give yourself a break, don’t always be your own hardest critic. 

I can’t stress that last point enough.

Believe me, whether it’s a golfer confiding in his caddy to choose the right golf club or having faith in your personal trainer or coach to lay out the perfect training program, trust is one of the most critical elements that the most successful athletes possess.



Consistency, it’s critical that you have an unwavering belief in your body, your fitness, your goals and your program.

When you turn up for training, don’t let that “really fit looking person” derail your own self-confidence and don’t get sucked into starting what he or she is doing because you’re worried your strategy won’t work as fast, maintain your confidence when you begin to doubt yourself.

Practice these mental strategies in both your training and implement them outside your training environment to ensure that you….

always trust in the journey rather than the anticipation of your perceived destination.

Keith Richardson

Keith Richardson

Founder, Storm Body Fitness

Cheers for reading and as always please comment below and share this post if you found it interesting.

– Keith, Body Storm Fitness 

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