Why choose Storm Body Fitness?

  • Have you bought a gym membership with the full intentions of training and then within a few weeks lose your motivation and never go back but continue on paying those expensive fees?
  • Do you feel frustrated because it feels like your weight continues to pile on no matter what you do or try and your body isn’t responding and feels like it has given up?
  • Do you avoid getting your photo taken?
  • Do you avoid looking at your reflection, whether it’s in the mirror or shop windows?
  • Is your self-esteem taking a beating everyday?
  • Is it starting to have a negative effect on your relationships or your social life? Do you not feel like going out on the weekends anymore?
  • Are you attending group classes but don’t see the results they promised? Do they only seem to shout generic slogans at you like “Sweat is Fat Crying” but then avoid answering any of your important questions or concerns?
  • Are you tired of just having no energy to do anything by the time you’ve finished a day’s work?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions YOU should, NO in fact you NEED to contact Storm Body Fitness the best training studio in Sligo!

Storm Body Fitness is here to help you find your true potential and bring it to the forefront! Our training systems and expert guidance guarantee to improve your quality of health, mood, strength, movement and posture.

We can send your energy levels soaring and improve the quality of your sleep so that when you wake in the morning you feel positive, energised and ready to take on any challenges that may face you.

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Success Stories

Keith did out a healthy eating plan for me which I followed for the next six weeks and by the end of that period I had lost 13 lbs!! I was delighted and cant recommend him highly enough.

Marian McAllister OHara Remote Distance NutritionSEE MORE SUCCESS STORIES

I would highly recommend Storm Fitness – it has brilliant facilities, a great atmosphere and Keith is such a professional. He has a great knowledge of weights and nutrition etc

Claire Morris 1 to 1 Personal Training SEE MORE SUCCESS STORIES